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94 percent of roads in the United States of America are surfaced with asphalt.

Laura Ingalls Wilder,

author of the beloved Little House on the Prairie,

tells of her first encounter with an asphalt pavement.  She was on a wagon journey with her parents in 1894 that took them through Topeka.

"In the very midst of the city, the ground was covered by some

dark stuff that silenced all the wheels and muffled the sound of hoofs.  It was like tar, but Papa was sure it was not tar, and it was something like rubber, but it could not be rubber because rubber cost too much.  We saw ladies all in silks and carrying ruffled parasols, walking with their escorts across the street.  Their heels dented the street, and while we watched, these dents slowly filled up and smoothed themselves out. 

It was as if that stuff were alive. 

It was like magic."

Asphalt Constructors, Inc. is a licensed, bonded,  insured, &  HUBZone certified contractor. 

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Asphalt Paving is our specialty, but we pride ourselves in performing a wide range of services.  Please visit our Services page for a detailed description of our capabilities.
The San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado offers 350 days of sunshine each year.  Of course we also experience wind, snow, and rain (sometimes all in the same day) but that does not stop us from performing quality work from April to December!
The asphalt industry recycles or reuses approximately 99 percent of all asphalt reclaimed in America every year.  Please visit our Services page for a detailed description of how our Recycled Asphalt Product can benefit you today.